Client Comments

Just a few clients comments from over the years ...

    This is amazing news John! So worth all of the time and effort you have put in. Happy to talk about any further changes which would help as soon as silly season is over! Thank you for all your help in getting us up the ranks!

    Looks great John. We seem a lot busier this year and I’m sure all your input has really made a difference.

    We are so happy with our websites - thank you once again.


    I've been meaning to email you for a while, just to say thank you for the lovely sites. They are working a treat!

    We have had play and it is a great tool. It is going to save a lot of time for us in updating the prices for a large part of the range. Very exciting.

    Now I am absolutely impressed. This is the bomb. I haven't had a full play but will hook in on Monday and let you know I get on.

    I have had a good number of enquiries from all over the world, many of whom commented on how much they liked the website. I am being inundated with enquiries now ..

    I'm really, really pleased with new colour scheme - it looks fantastic. Thanks so much.

    Thanks for this. I like the new design - just what I wanted!

    Johnie - we are so, so happy with the website - a million thanks.

    Fantastic - I'm absolutely delighted with the results. Well Done!!

    Just seen that X is up and running - it looks brilliant.... fantastic - thanks so much!

    Looks fantastic!

    In fact, the whole site looks fantastic!

    Looks bloody brilliant, cheers!

    The website is proving to be very successful. Many thanks for all your help.

    The rankings are impressive - you must be finding it hard not to say, "I told you so!"

    All in all, well pleased with the website and we keep getting complimented on it's clarity, ease of use and appearance - so well done!

    Looks brilliant!!

    Excelled yourself yet again !! modern yet subtle, how soon can we have it live !!

    We seem to be having loads of visitors! There's always at least 20 odd on when I check!

    I know I've said it a 1000 times but I'm really pleased with both the websites! TOP JOB! :)

    We are having loads of positive feedback about them from people too.

    It makes me smile the odd time I look for something myself, when one of the sites you've created appears at the top of the Search Engines!

    Just thought you might like to know that Alexa have rated our site as very fast - 87% of sites are slower!!! Pretty good eh! Well done to you for good design.

    I Love our Websites!!! I think they are the BEST sites I've ever been on!!!

    It's such a shame you are so far away as it would have been lovely for you
to bring your family to our ice skating rink. Maybe you should plan a Christmas trip to Yorkshire!

    Just wanted to say as well, thanks so much for the website, it has been invaluable, I get as much business as I can handle, and lots of positive comments about how good the website looks.

    LOVE THE DISCOUNT CODE BY THE WAY - Absolutely brilliant! Everything I wanted it to be .. - LOVE the stock control and the flag for an out of stock ..

    WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    We are very much novices at this game, although we feel that ours is the best site you have ever done! We all appreciate the work you are putting in, and you will be suitably rewarded!

    Got some good news actually. I've had our first 2 on-line orders and everything went smoothly. They both remarked how user-friendly the site was!!

    Awesome, I love it!

    Thanks for website - we're getting good feedback from clients that have used it.

    Also thought you'd like to know I've had many compliments about the website - not friends just being nice, but customers who have said that the site is easy to navigate, classy, attractive etc.

    So it was worth all the angst!

    Incidentally, whilst we've had a good number of enquiries from traditional advertising in magazines and such, almost all the sales are from people who found us via the website, certainly something like 4 in 5.

    Me again - just to say I've been browsing around the new admin area and it's ace!!

    We're getting a lot of positive comments from loads of people throughout the industry, and I mean a LOT!. Even people where we can't possibly stock their products, and they're all saying how good it looks and how easy it is to use. A couple were saying like "that must have cost you thousands" and we just say "Oh yes, thousands!" :o)

    I've saved the best news for last - we took our first order last night - from someone who found us on the web (not via Country Living)
Young retired couple who want a Gypsy Caravan as a wildlife viewing hide / artists studio / garden room / extra accommodation for children / grandchildren. And they only live a few miles away.

    You're a genius! I love it! Thanks

    A lot of independent suppliers - including those outside of the industry
have been very complementary about the site and its ease of use and
professional looking image. Even the vice president of xxxxxx (who supply to the Desperate Housewives show) was impressed!

    The website has attracted much positive comment - not just from friends who would say kind things, but from hard nosed 'colleagues' who would say it was **** if they thought so - so well done!

    Many thanks indeed for all your efforts - We're absolutely delighted with the result.

    Everyone has commented on how easy the site is to use, so well done. Scarlet magazine like the look of the site – I let them have a sneaky peak and they will do a short write up in a forthcoming issue.

    The new site is going fantastic. We've had over a thousand orders so far and we haven't even put on 10% of the products yet. Is this normal? I thought it would be very quiet for the the first few months. We're employing someone now just to add the products on full time.

    Love the website, very happy with it!

    Really like it - think it looks really good!!

    Thanks for all your help, I really am pleased with the website.

    Love it - just what I wanted!!

    Amazing!! and a tremendous amount of work - thank you so much.

    We are really pleased with the look of the new site. (understatement).

    Orders are coming thick and fast now (which is amazing as we have not finished putting our content on the site, the images are **** and we have not promoted it at all)

    I don't know what you've done with this website, I know you said this would work better, but this really is fantastic! I put up new products on Friday and they were first place in Google by Wednesday, on a UK search anyway. Keep up the good work and if you get any new epiphanies give me a shout!

    I am so aware that liking a first draft design might seem as if we have little imagination! But having compared it to some of our competitor sites I think it strikes the right balance of corporate and private work and seems to be attractive for each segment of the market.

    Just needed to say a big thanks for the web site, we think it's just what we were hoping for. I must say you have found a very classy look, just great.

    Oh the sweet smell of success! Received my first order the other day - everything appeared to work fine and well.

    That looks really good and clear to use (after all this is computer numpty your talking to!!).

[Re our bespoke CMS .. Content management system.]

    Your service has been most appreciated, in future if work is required I will be contacting you. If you happen to be in Manchester you are more than welcome to come and visit my Restaurant.

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!

    The site looks really good and my boss is pleased - a rare event.

    I have taken a booking tonight and have 2 others showing interest.

    This dynamic site is fantastic .. nice and simple just the way I like it!!

    I can also report good progress. At least 3 bookings this week that were purely because the customer liked the website which is business we would not have previously got!!!!

    Many thanks for your help and persistence. I am absolutely delighted with the results and look forward to seeing it high in the search engine rankings.

    I would like to thank you for your patience, careful explanations and hard work on our site.

    We are really happy with the results and are already getting orders coming in (which is fab!).

    We are thrilled with our new website – while it is very early days we are already receiving double the enquiries we used to have. Effective Webs always went the 'extra mile' – whether it was to achieve the right 'look' or whether it was to do with the mechanics of how things worked. I'm sure we gave John a few headaches along the way, with asking for the seemingly impossible, but impressively he always seemed to find a solution.

    The attention to detail, valuable advice and impressive service means that we would not hesitate in recommending Effective Webs. Our only complaint would be that John works so fast we had difficulty in keeping up!

    By the way we're really pleased with how it all works - one million thank you's!

    I just wanted to thank you for the exceptionally hard work you have put into the website. I can honestly say I've never been so pleased with service before - I have already recommended you to one of my friends who may start a website in the new year.

    I'm delighted with the website by the way. It's just what I wanted. I can't believe we've both managed to get to this point in given timescale's. Still loads more products to add but it looks quite respectable at the moment.

    Thanks for all the work you've done and advice given which has been really useful.

    Many many thanks, the pages are brilliant. So sorry not to have emailed sooner. I'm working on extra text for main page.

    We've never had such a busy year, we've been virtually fully booked for the whole season and we've had to turn people away for the peak weeks. It's all down to the website, people say it's the best camping website they've seen. We've been getting perhaps between 60 and 80 email enquiries a day. If it's like this next year then we're going to have to employ two people just to answer the phone. It's been absolutely marvelous.

    We are now getting lots + lots of enquiries from direct searches ( mostly ) via Google, considering we are not as high as we were, I honestly don't think we could cope with the traffic or orders if we were still No 1. One day last week we had more e-mail enquiries than phone calls!. At the moment I reckon it has pushed turnover up by 30%, many people comment on how good the site is and it compliments all our advertising, which I am sure encourages people to contact us.

    Anyway just a note from me to say that our web site is working very well and most of this years bookings have been a result of it. So thank you very much.

    The website is working really well. I don't look at it that often and I know there are things we should really change. Or that I want to change. But I just don't get the time, my time is spent answering enquiries. In fact, if I had one complaint it would be that we get too many enquiries.

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how we're getting on. I've finished the books for this last year and I would say turnover is up by 30k.

    I would put that entirely down to the website. I should be thanking my daughter for talking me into it and thanking you for doing such a wonderful job of the website. Lots of people comment on how good it looks.

    The only thing I didn't imagine and it's amazing how much of my time is taken up now, is with the enquiries.

    Everyone comments on the website saying how good it looks and how quickly it loads.

    Knackered C' from W' here - the amazing success of our website is killing me!

    Our usual export market has been quiet this year, but our turnover is about the same. That's all thanks to the website. I'd say at least 60% of all new enquiries are directly from the website and it must be responsible for at least 40% of our turnover now.

    I don't know what we would do without it. You should be charging more!

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