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The terms 'website design' and 'website development' are often used interchangeably. However, in reality, developing a website is very different from designing one. Website development refers to the 'back end' of a website.

The 'back end' is the framework of the website, the code that makes the site work, the database that stores the site's information and integration of data. When developed correctly, your users will never think about the 'back end' of your website. In fact, if it is coded right, you yourself will be largely oblivious to it too. You will see a few forms a links within in an admin area, yet in the background there can be thousands of lines of code that will loop through database entries, or submitted text applying your changes.

This is where I can offer something few other companies locally are able to offer. I can hand code a back end for you that does exactly what you want it to. And, as this is my code, and not some bought-in app, we can make changes and update it at any time, without fighting with someone else's code, or infringing copyright.

I will work closely with you to determine what functional requirements you have, will discuss with you ways of achieving this in an easy to manage way. Once coded, if you need anything altering, this won't be a problem. If you can think of it, UI can develop this for you.

I use a number of tools when developing websites, but I largely code by hand, usually within Dreamweaver's code view, the coloured code is rather useful. I hand code in ASP, CSS, mySQL & HTML. All to html5 and W3C Standards.

A website that is to be more than a brochure site, can have special requirements that fall outside of the usual, quick-template / WordPress type sites. This is where I excel (and thoroughly enjoy doing it too). With 16+ years of programming & development experience writing custom back ends and scripts, I can make your website do really wonderful things. Whether it's a simple processing script or a full directory management system, I've built both a business & reputation around creating custom solutions for your site and your needs.

Attractive websites
are great, but
Effective Webs .. sites
are WAY better!

That's why I combine custom web design, bespoke high-end coding & adaptation, with extensive search engine optimization and ongoing marketing advice that will help you drive more traffic to your website.

Some past examples of custom solutions undertaken for clients:

Click each for details ..

A separate client management section of the website

  • Password protected
  • Coded for security
  • Add, edit & delete pages
  • Upload images
  • Manage page layout
  • Choosing colour schemes
  • Manage menu structure
  • Edit background information,such as Page headings, meta tags, alt & title tags.
  • Manage links within the content, images
  • Search facilities, for both owner & visitor
  • Extra fields for notes, authors, dates, contributors, suppliers, outlets, footnotes – all as required
  • All bespoke to the clients website design & requirements.

Manage dates and prices, bespoke to your change over days.

Enter a start date and my bespoke system will generate the next 52 weeks, or more, too, prefilling fields as required.

When you log in, the system can delete out of date entries, and generate fresh entries to the desired number of weeks, so that there is always a rolling 52 weeks of data for the visitor, which will default to TBC (to be confirmed), until you enter the new prices/data.

Searchable for the visitor, with security measures included.

More advanced versions with an online booking system can be tied with Paypal, Sagepay, etc and pass the visitor over for payment. And use their response to update your system, with confirmation emails sent to you and your client. Their contact data also recorded within the admin system.

Obviously unique to each game and what data is available. But for one example with some very complicated coding .. Character data copied and pasted and processed into database tables, and reported out as required. Data provided by the Games Company themselves as a txt file, imported, processed and entered into database tables, with multiple reports available.

Eg. Games Company provides a daily txt file on their website, that lists all the shops/markets within the Games environment, including prices, locations, item numbers, market details, sales, buys, wants. Wrote a complex system that at the click of a button, creates the previous days data, imports the fresh direct from the Games Company's own website, processes it into the tables, with multiple reports providing data on the cheapest prices for sale, highest buy prices, highlighting the better margins, etc.

This is an endless option, written bespoke to the game and the client.

Bespoke management system, allowing the management of training course outlines within categories (All category and subcategory data client managed too).

Managing images, course codes, course dates, remaining places available, short and full descriptions, all background data, notes, meta data.

Multiple search options for the visitor.

Extended versions offer a members section of the website, password protected, with content only available to members.

Add FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions.

Manage Questions, answers, extra keyword fields; allowing entries to display when keywords are matched – typos, alternatives, etc. Photos if required, external links, product or article links within the answer.

Search facilities for the visitor, recording what they are search for, allowing you to write FAQs to answer your visitors more frequent questions.

Given that almost half of all searches are now phrased as a question, this can, if done right, provide really effective SEO. I can advise on this.

Scripts to loop through the various database tables, and write an XML file to the server. XML Google-type sitemaps or data-sheets, JSON data files, all formatted correctly and unique to each web site. For you it doesn't look much, one click of the button and it's done, in-between anything up to 15,000 lines of code process and make it look easy.

This allows Google and other search engines to discover all of your pages, know when they were last updated etc. Or rich data cards, one for each article, recipe, etc.

All hand coded and unique to each site.

  • Stock reports
  • Drop-shipping data
  • Supplier information

Supplied in text, XML, CSV formats? Or WHY?

Direct upload, form processed, or externally sourced.

Custom handling and processing; feeding into a bespoke database structure, that can be handled and reported back out however you like.

Eg. A supplier offers a weekly update of their products, with links to images, prices, order codes, etc., in say a CSV file. They provide this to you directly, or make it available on their own website. I can code a script that imports all this data, tidies it up, and places it into a bespoke database for you. That then displays on your own website, showing their images, and can apply your own margin to the prices.

And of course, if they change the format, we can change your code at short notice.

A system to management articles, recipes, news, etc. Within your own bespoke structure.

Entries could be submitted by the public, and then be checked by before going live.

Can include photographs, etc. Full management of background data.

Examples would include:

  • Enquiry forms
  • Quotes & Estimates
  • Customer Feedback
  • etc.

We can provide your visitor / client with a form asking all the questions you need. Process this to validate they've entered everything you require, filter out the bulk of the junk submissions, send you and email with the info, them a courtesy thank you, and even record this to a database for use later and elsewhere.

Full, bespoke directory management websites, any subject, as detailed as you like.

Regional, national, international.

Can be membership managed, overseen by you.

These tend to be large projects initially, there's a lot involved, but the longevity is likely to be excellent if maintained.

Examples include:

Advertisers, add and update their own entries, including photos, etc

Then in a separate area for administrations. There are tools to be told which entries have been updated, which haven't been updated in some time, enquiries made, entries that have added content you don't want included, facilities to contact the advertisers. Password reminders, full editing facilities. The options are endless.

A simple add on for other sites, I say simple, the coding is extensive, but it does allow you to explain much, as excellent for SEO purposes and helps body the website out.

If maintained, it can help the site to become an authority on the subject.

It can be upgraded and adapted at any time.

An Example would be:

Separate bespoke sections to maintain:

  • Music / mp3s
  • Video / mp4s [limited]
  • Photographic portfolio
  • Up & Coming Events
  • Past events, with photos, thank you's etc
  • Comments
  • Links to Social Media
  • Merchandise

A somewhat limited artist example would be:

For your administration

  • A password protected admin area, where you can ..
  • Fully manage products, within categories, departments, etc.
  • Fully manage categories & departments.
  • The ability to flag selected products as 'featured' or on special offer.
  • Manage online orders
  • Picking sheets, Invoicing, etc.
  • Reporting on visitor searches, views etc.
  • Select 'similar products'
  • Manage delivery charges, etc.
  • Payments handled by a secure third party, such as PayPal or Sage Pay

Please contact me in the first instance and detail your requirements, I will be happy to provide a quote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you've got an idea, drop me an email and get an idea of what is possible ... well, everything is possible really.

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