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Well, that's me; Johnie Walker, and I've been self-employed creating websites for various clients since 2002. I also worked for other website companies for some while before that.

I have always sold myself on how well my clients websites do in the search engines, especially Google, which is the one that really matters. I pay attention to every detail, cross every T and dot every I. I don't throw a website together in a day or two, I take longer and that extra time pays dividends.

Most of my clients websites rank in the top ten, and higher, on their key search terms.

Sites I have created now rank first or second in the UK, or even world in their key areas. When someone searches on Google for one of their key products or services, they appear on the first page. This can't be guaranteed, much depends on your competition and your key areas. But certainly at a local level, much is achievable.

Also, I offer something the vast majority of web developers across North Devon cannot offer. I'm a qualified computer programmer, and given the right hosting package, languages and a database .. if you can think of it – I can code it. There are no off-the-shelf CMS systems here, I can hand code it from the ground up, and whatever bells, tweaks and whistles you might want; just about everything is possible. And of course we are not restricted by licences; this is my code, if we need to make changes at any time, it can be done.

I'm qualified in website design and programming languages and have wide experience of designing and maintaining hundreds of websites, from just a few pages to sites of literally thousands of pages. Experience gained over a broad variety of sites and over 17 Years.

As a qualified and experienced website designer my services and website designs are first and foremost - effective.

I aim to be Effective.

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