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About Effective Webs

What makes Effective Webs affordable?

I work from home and don't have the overheads of larger website design companies. As such my prices reflect this.

What makes Effective Webs effective?

Sites I have created now rank first or second in the world in their key areas. When someone searches on Google for one of their key products, they appear on the first page. This can't be guaranteed, much depends on your competition and your key areas. A recruitment agency will not come high when someone searches 'jobs', there is too much competition from large established sites. However, search for jobs in the agency's home town - as people do and there is a good chance we can get your site on page one.

I'm qualified in website design and programming languages and have wide experience of designing and maintaining scores of websites, from just a few pages to sites of literally thousands of pages. Experience gained over a broad variety of sites and a number of years.

As a qualified and experienced website designer my services and website designs are first and foremost - effective.

We aim to be Effective.

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