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Why is ranking high important?
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Why is ranking high in the search engines important?
When people look for information, products or services on the Internet they use a search engine. Most searches provide a list that can run into hundreds of pages. People start from the top of the list and work their way down until they find what they are looking for. This means those sites in the top ten have a lot more people visiting their websites than those who come further down the list.

Search engines now account for over 85% of all new visitors to a web site (GvU Users Survey). You may have read this fact before, but what you may not have read is that only 7% of Internet users will surf beyond the first 20 listings of a search engine.

In fact, in a recent study it has been shown that over 87% of search engine users would rather switch to a different search engine, than browse beyond the first 20 positions.

So what is a search engine?
Whatever you are looking for a search engine is your first call. Some are better than others, and the most popular seems to be Google. You will type in what you are looking for, perhaps 'office equipment'. Then the search engine will display a list of all the web pages that closely match what you have searched for. Starting with those closest to your search words.

Do many people use the search engines?
There are literally millions of searches made every day. People search for just about everything you can imagine and a good few things you couldn't. The numbers vary obviously, there might only be three searches for a 'seismologists relay switch', but more than a half a million searches for a 'used car'.

According to Forrester Research:

  • 87% of web visits come via search engines
  • 9% come from banners
  • 4% come directly from the browser

Which search engines would you submit to?
There are literally thousands of search engines. However, being realistic, 99% of searches are made on perhaps just twenty or so. Think of the last five different search engines you have used .. well, it is the same for everyone else. Occasionally, there are Industry related search engines or directories that are good sources of visitors, where these are relevant I would submit you to these.

As part of the design package, your web site will be submitted to those search engines, who from long experience, will provide you with visitors.

How do you create a Website that ranks high?
I have spent literally hundreds of hours researching this. The proof is in the pudding, as you will see from my portfolio, there are links beside my clients sites that will enable you to see where they rank on their products or services. My techniques could be applied by anyone, but in the main, they're not.

Why choose Effective?
Well apart from the price, my sites work for my clients. I invest that extra effort to enable my clients site to compete in the top of the search engines results. Therefore, attracting more visitors and ergo more customers.

What's in a design?
A badly designed Website, with large slow loading images, poor navigation, broken links and missing pages? There are millions of them on the Internet and nothing is more frustrating.

Your web site would be well laid out, with easy navigation. Every image and picture optimised to still look good but load fast. Every page designed to load in under 25 seconds. Presenting your products or services, clearly, easy to find, easy to understand. And of course, look good and up to date.

Effective Website Designer