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If you are a the owner or managing director of a small to medium sized business, you may be thinking of having a company website. Maybe you have one already, but are concerned that it is looking dated or not performing well?

If you only require a basic business website design to give your business an Internet presence. To give basic information about your business, contact details, the who, where why and when. You may find a small site like our starter package will suit your requirements. When someone searches for you, your site should be first. Attract new business with a professionally designed web site, presenting the right image.

Small Hotels and Guest Houses could find our starter package covers all their needs. Five or six pages to present your facilities, rates and tariffs. Pictures of your hotel, information on nearby attractions. Contact information and may be an online form, if you can receive e-mail, why not allow visitors to enquire online. Hoteliers and Guest House owners should be aware that based on published figures, there were more than 72,000 searches for hotels and guesthouses in Devon, made within the UK in July 2002 alone. In a recent conversation with a hotelier who has an effective website, she estimated that she had more enquiries from the website than any other form of advertising, and that these then generated at least 50% of her bookings, and were directly due to enquiries through the hotels website.

If you would like to advertise just two or three products or services then you may find a five or six page small business website sufficient to your needs.

More information on our starter package

Extra pages can always be added to your website at a later date.

If you have a business website already but you are concerned that is not as effective as you had hoped, or perhaps it is looking dated. We offer a website improvement service.

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