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Clubs, organisations, interest groups, hobby interests .. all receive a lot of interest on the Internet.

There are a lot of them, and a lot of people interested in seeing them. Many look a little less than professional. If yours looks well designed, is fast loading and easy to navigate then you will stand above competitive and contemporary sites.

The size of the site may depend on your own requirements. Despite the size there are many features that can be added to give more functionality and professionalism to your site. We can provide template pages to allow you to continue to add to your site as and when you wish.

One good example of an interest site is the Felini website. The Felini Affiliation is an alien race within a role-playing space game. The site is large at over fifty pages, one third is open to all visitors, two thirds lie behind a password protected area for members only. Felini players from all over the world can access in-house information, enjoy their own secure chatroom, and enter & retrieve game information into bespoke database driven pages. While visitors can access basic information and learn more about the Felini race.

visit the Felini Web site

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