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Q. I've had a cheaper quote. Why do you cost more?
A. With no offence to any other website designer intended, there is a market and place for everything. Though there is a reason there is a difference in price. It's partly the experience and its mostly the time involved. I sell myself on where my clients rank in the search engines, this is a rare skill on the Internet, and much of it is done by spending a lot of time on the design, content and individual research for each client.

Other Website design companies sites look okay, but check the portfolio and then search for them in a search engine. Do the same for my clients within my portfolio.

I can usually bring the price down if you are not bothered about where you rank in the search engines. I can create a good looking website and not spend the time on search engine optimisation and research. But you will not get 10% of the business you could. You must know yourself when you search on the Internet that you only ever look at websites from the first one or two pages of results, if it does not find what you want, you'll try a different search phrase.

A 5-6 page website will take me maybe 25 working hours to complete the design. But there will be another 20 hours on the search engine performance side of things.

Q. Are spam filters included with the hosting?
Q. Can you accept payment in dollars etc?
Q. Do I pay you in full once the work is complete?
Q. Do you do Flash pages?
Q. Do you do International Websites?
Q. How can I make best use of the marketing tools available on the internet?
Q. How do you want to receive the photographs for my website?
Q. How does the basic PayPal payments option work?
Q. How long after you have finished the site, will it take to turn up in the search engines?
Q. How long would it take you to complete the site?
Q. How much does your company charge for designs?
Q. I already have a domain name ...
Q. I already have a domain name do I need to transfer it?
Q. I'm not receiving email with AOL - help!
Q. I'm with AOL, I've heard this can be a problem.
Q. I've had a cheaper quote. Why do you cost more?
Q. I've had a far more expensive quote. Why are you so much less?
Q. What are your terms of payment?
Q. What do you need from me?
Q. What domain name should I use?
Q. Why do your websites rank high in the search engines?
Q. Will there be a visitor counter?
Q. Would you recommend the Google Adwords?
Q. You make no mention of periodic costs are there none?

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